2024 Total Solar Eclipse Timelines (April 8th)

StateLocationStart of Partial EclipseMaximum Eclipse (Totality)End of Partial EclipseDuration of Totality
MexicoMazatlán08:25 AM PST09:56 AM PST11:37 AM PST4 minutes, 10 seconds
MexicoSalina Cruz08:28 AM CST09:59 AM CST11:39 AM CST4 minutes, 07 seconds
TexasSan Antonio08:32 AM CDT10:03 AM CDT11:43 AM CDT3 minutes, 43 seconds
OklahomaDurant08:38 AM CDT10:09 AM CDT11:49 AM CDT3 minutes, 29 seconds
ArkansasAshdown08:40 AM CDT10:11 AM CDT11:51 AM CDT3 minutes, 19 seconds
MissouriPoplar Bluff08:43 AM CDT10:14 AM CDT11:54 AM CDT3 minutes, 08 seconds
IllinoisCarbondale08:46 AM CDT10:17 AM CDT11:57 AM CDT2 minutes, 58 seconds
KentuckyPaducah08:48 AM CDT10:19 AM CDT11:59 AM CDT2 minutes, 47 seconds
IndianaEvansville08:49 AM CDT10:20 AM CDT12:00 PM CDT2 minutes, 41 seconds
OhioCincinnati08:52 AM EDT10:23 AM EDT12:03 PM EDT2 minutes, 33 seconds
OhioCleveland08:53 AM EDT10:24 AM EDT12:04 PM EDT2 minutes, 27 seconds
PennsylvaniaErie08:55 AM EDT10:26 AM EDT12:06 PM EDT2 minutes, 20 seconds
PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia08:58 AM EDT10:29 AM EDT12:09 PM EDT2 minutes, 11 seconds
New YorkBuffalo09:00 AM EDT10:31 AM EDT12:11 PM EDT2 minutes, 03 seconds
New YorkAlbany09:02 AM EDT10:33 AM EDT12:13 PM EDT1 minute, 58 seconds
VermontBurlington09:04 AM EDT10:35 AM EDT12:15 PM EDT1 minute, 53 seconds
New HampshireConcord09:07 AM EDT10:38 AM EDT12:18 PM EDT1 minute, 49 seconds
MaineCaribou09:09 AM EDT10:40 AM EDT12:20 PM EDT1 minute, 46 seconds
CanadaFredericton09:11 AM ADT10:42 AM ADT12:22 PM ADT1 minute, 42 seconds


  • All times are listed in local time zones.
  • These are approximate times and may vary slightly depending on the specific location.
  • This table includes all US states within the path of totality, where complete darkness will occur during the eclipse.

For a more detailed and interactive map of the eclipse path and timelines, you can visit websites like https://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/ or https://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/.